How to make a soap holder with sponge!

How to make a soap holder with sponge!

What you need:


Sponge, a scissor/knife, a soap

What to do:


1.cut your sponge in the middle


2.make a square shape in the middle of the sponge, but firstly cut deep from the side, so it is easier to cut a square with depth. Be careful not to cut your finger

3.Make sure the hole is similar the size of you soaps, put your soap inside

Voila! You now have a soap holder and a scouring sponge with unlimited soap.

Protip :


Need to hide your hard-earned cash from your spouse? No worries! We have you covered.


This soap holder is perfect for hiding your cash too!!

You can’t even see it once the dough is inside!!

Put the sponge away somewhere safe and normal, I bet you no one will give it a second look.

Have fun!