How to make a picture frame with scouring sponges.

How to make a picture frame with scouring sponges.

What you need.

A picture, sponges, scissor or knife, double sided tape, a piece of cardboard similar the size of your picture.

1.Grab your favorite picture, and picksome sponges of your favourite colors, sponge should be bigger than the picture.

2.Take a scissor or knife, split all the sponges right into relevant sizes

3.Now you will have multiple even number pieces of sponges, put them into position, make a big rectangle shape so your picture can go into frame.

4.Use double sided tape and them together, noted that it is better to put the tape on one side of the split of sponge, so your spongeand stick on the side of the picture.

5.You can always scissor off the excess or uneven sides

Voila! You have a sponge picture frame! You can use most sticky things to stick it on the wall, they are very light!

Have fun!

--- Alice